why Eco

what there is beyond our choices:

  • coffee, tea and sugar are fair trade products
  • we collaborate with no profit realities, for example Arco'Studio, who designed our logo
  • Ven Sì is member of Etinomia association who fights against useless major works in Susa Valley



resources are not unlimited:

  • almost every fourniture is recovered and recycled or hand made by pallet
  • we use only eco-save bulbs, and electricity provided by Trenta, a company who produces only hydroelectric energy 100% renewable
  • you will find bins for differentiated waste collection: we need just your little effort in doing it

the Nature must be protected:

  • shower&shampoo, soaps and detergents are low environmental impact
  • we support biking: we offer you bikes for free (with deposit)
  • we prefer local products, which don't need a long transfer to be carried away


the world around us:

  • breakfast goods, shower gel and soaps are made by small local producers
  • we are in network with local stakeholders, in order to support a grassroots development
  • we support local Pidmontese traditions: Ven sì means 'Come here!' in local dialect, a reference to our hospitality and sharing values.


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